Villa Lomellini, belonged to the Marquis Lomellini (PV), is located in the historical center of Montebello della Battaglia; it has a square shape with a small tower, from where you can dominate the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese

The Rooms

Le camere

All rooms are newly renovated and offer all comforts: private bathroom, hairdryer, digital TV, WIFI ...

The Restaurant

The Restaurant offers an excellent service. The continuous search for quality, authenticity and local products inspires dishes combined with wines produced in the area …

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms allow the simultaneously activities of multiple groups and the conference room of over 100 seats allows operations of individual voting …

The Chapels

The big chapel with over 80 seats and the little chapel in the ancient villa of the eighteenth century give the possibility of …

The Park

The age-old park surrounding the villa offers enchanting views and quiet moments in contact with nature ....


The villa is situated in the 'Oltrepò Pavese, a region where vineyards, hills and medieval villages stand out for the undisputed …

Villa Lomellini dei Marchesi Lomellini (PV)     

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