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The Park

The best place for a short walk, for a moment of relaxation or even for a meeting or an informal gathering is the park.
This huge and splendid green space is the real jewel of Villa Lomellini, Different species of plants, including some centuries-old like the Cedar of Lebanon, will give shade, tranquility and beauty to your moments of work and leisure.

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Provincia Religiosa di S. Marziano di Don Orione
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Viale Caterina da Forlì n. 19
20146 Milano

Fiscal Code / VAT number: 02541960155

Local office:
Villa Lomellini – Casa per Ferie Centro Congressi Opera Don Orione 

Via Cavour n. 3/5 - 27054 
Montebello della Battaglia (PV)
Phone: +39 0383 804387
Fax. 0383 809381
Mobile: +39 346 7063245
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