The “Casa per Ferie” is a non-profit Holiday Home, since exercising this activity – which is fundamental for the “Opera” manager, while inside an appropriate organisational structure which is essential and fundamental to its development, falling within the apostolate work and mission and Christian formation – constitutes an immediate and direct instrument for the full achievement of the purposes of religion and worship of the “Opera”. The structure is organised to provide an environment which is hospitable, calm and restful, where guests have the opportunity to rediscover human and Christian values, in a relationship of respect, brotherhood, prayer and cordial friendship with all.

Our staff is ready to meet the various needs of our Guests, in a fraternal and family atmosphere. Professionalism and simplicity distinguish our environment: experiencing the sense of Hospitality in its deepest meaning has always been our greatest commitment and what we want to rediscover, together with our guests, by placing them at the centre of our attention. The proceeds of this service will go to sustain the activities of human and social support in the homes of Don Orione spread worldwide.